Web Development

Responsive Websites
Responsive websites that look good on all devices are what most businesses need, at least to start with. They provide information to clients and vendors about the business and what they offer. This is by far the most common type of web development.
Interactive Web Applications
Content and informational driven websites are great, but sometimes you need more than just a "site" - you need an application. You need the ability for members to be able to login and access restricted information, fill out reports, update data systems, or do more than simply use your site for information. We develop web applications that can accomplish any goal, no matter how small or large.

Digital Marketing

Signage, video, advertising, you name it.
We manage all types of digital marketing projects, often leveraging our web development knowledge to accomplish amazing things. No matter the project, we can either do it, manage it, or consult with you about all of your options.

Just a few of the digital marketing projects we work on regularly:
  • Digital Signs / Menus
  • Marketing Pages / Landing Pages
  • Interactive Kiosk Displays & Apps
  • Arial Drone Videography & Photography
  • Regulary Videography & Photography

Virtual / Fractional CMO Services

Small businesses usually cannot afford a full time marketing executive. The experience and knowledge of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) can easily cost $200,000 per year or more; Xponex is able to fill this role for companies at a fraction of the cost by acting as their marketing director, handling as much or as little of a company's marketing as they desire.

How Does This Work?

This service looks different for every customer. For some, we act purely in a reactionary capacity. The business owner tells us what they need/want/desire and we provide those solutions.

For others, we do 100% of the planning and execution of all marketing. We present the ideas to the owner for approval, if desired, and keep the marketing within a pre-defined budget each month.

This service is truly customized to meet the needs, budget, and wishes of each business.

What's This Cost?

Our virtual CMO services cost as little as $250 per month, depending on the capacity in which we serve. An average client pays between $1,000 and $2,000 per month.
Services we typically provide in this capacity include:
  • Consulting
  • Opportunity Evaluation
  • Marketing / Copy Review
  • Ad Channel Management
  • Creative Ideation

Brand Strategy

Consistency is key - your message should be clear, focused, and your brand well defined. So many customers come to us with a great product, but their branding doesn't tell the story of what their product is, why people should use it, and (perhaps most importantly) it doesn't sell.
We help companies focus on their brand and vision. We ensure the messaging they are using is the best it can be to convey their story and ultimately sell their product or service. We've helped hundreds of companies grow, and a good brand strategy is almost always a key piece in their success.