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No matter what you call us, we are here to deliver results and help you achieve your goals - no matter what they are.
22 Years In Business.
Xponex has been helping businesses since 1998. In those 22 years, we've learned, grown, and changed with times. We understand what you're going through - because we've been there too.

What Makes Us Xponex

We Adapt Quickly
We understand that business and marketing rarely stays stagnant long. We adapt to micro and macro changes constantly and have built our entire workflow around knowing changes will be coming. Be it changes to a project, changes to the way Google Search Algorithms work, changes to the way audiences behave - we are always looking toward the horizon and chaning course when needed.
We Do The Right Thing
We genuinely just want to do the right thing. What this looks like and means depends on every situation, but all of our core values circle around simply doing the right thing and treating others how we want to be treated.
We're Accountable
We do what we say we will, and we want to be held accountable; because of this, we turn down plenty of work because we truly believe that it is not in the client's best interest. If we say yes, it's because we believe in the work as much as our client does.
We're Candid
We are transparent and candid, sometimes to a fault. We believe the quickest way to find and implement a solution is by being 100% transparent and candid. We won't sugar coat things or beat-around-the-bush.
We're Not Afraid To Fail
Trying new things can be scary, but we do it all the time. We have been on the forefront of web technology since we first opened in 1998. We constantly try new technologies, new channels, and new ideas. Some work, some do not, but we always learn from what we try and apply that knowledge to future projects.
We Care
Cliche, yes, but we really do - and you can ask any of our clients. Before money and business, we care about people. We will never let business change who we are as humans.

Don't take our word for it, just ask our other clients.

We're here for the long haul.

We Build Relationships
We aren't a company that just does your website, we're a company that partners with you and strives for your success. We want to help your business grow and be the trusted resource you turn to for all your marketing and business needs.


Orth Electric

Crispy Fish & Chicken

Covenant Animal Clinic

Combs BBQ

22 Years & 500 Clients...
They are great guys who have built their business around building up other businesses. They truly have made my business their business.
Testimonial from Dennis Dunbar

Dennis Dunbar Tarred & Weathered Roofing Co.

Xponex has allowed me to expand my business by handling all my marketing needs... Adam continues to exceed my expectations. He is creative, knowledgeable and always has my best interest at heart. He never fails to impress!
Testimonial from Four Seasons Car Wash

Peter Botshon Four Seasons Car Wash

These guys are awesome. They work with you to give you the best site possible, and best marketing strategy possible.
Empire Termite and Pest Control Testimonial

Shane Messerman Empire Termite & Pest Control

They have found creative solutions to our business IT needs and always excellent follow up service. Communication timely and they do what they say.
Dr. Magone Testimonial

J. Magone, MD, MM SWO Ambulatory Surgery Center

We have used a bunch of marketing people over our 20 years in business. None of them compare to the service and results we get from Adam and Kyle at Xponex! ... We are reaching more ... customers ... by strategic changes they've made that I would never know about and our previous marketing people didn't either.
Testimonial from Deb Meyer at OdorXit

Deb Meyer OdorXit

Xponex has hosted our Slam Dunk Sports Marketing for 15 years with many awesome redesigns along the way. Adam Lewis has always provided outstanding personal service going above and beyond!
Slam Dunked Sports Testimonial

Bret Sander Slam Dunk Sports Marketing

Working with Adam Lewis at Xponex was simply a joy. After nearly 15 years of working together with Adam, I can confidently say that ANYONE who works with him will be satisfied.
Testimonial from Matt Current

Matt Current Butler County Bombers

These guys are on another level when it comes to SEO in Cincinnati. Very professional, extremely knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommended!
Testimonial from Google Guy Rusty Allison

Rusty Allison Guideport Solutions